The ashtray features an easily changeable sign that can have questions written on with magnetic letters or dry-wipe marker.
A voting system encourages use of the ashtray, users vote by simply dropping their cigarette butt into one of the two bins.
The ashtray is secured by two locks on the side.
Once unlocked, the bins can be easily removed for emptying and cleaning, and the sign can be changed or updated.

The ashtray can be mounted to any railing or pole, or even directly onto a wall.


The Ballot Bin is a customisable bespoke ashtray that aims to tackle the issue of cigarette butt litter.

A voting system encourages use of the ashtray, allowing the user to vote by choosing one of two receptacles to dispose of their cigarette butt. Each receptacle has a window to display the used butts, allowing a public opinion poll to be generated.

The questions asked are customisable; they can be topical to reflect the interests of your target audience.

The Ballot Bin reduces cigarette butt litter by 46%.

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“We were able to reach 9 million people via Twitter during the first week of our campaign.”

— Philip Robinson, CEO, Keep Australia Beautiful

“In our successful litter reducing campaign, the Ballot Bin was really effective in generating conversations, media interest and a real buzz among the public.”

— Councillor Lesley Hinds, Environment Convener for the City of Edinburgh Council

“the biggest impact has been the Ballot Bins reducing the cigarette litter by 80% around the pubs where they were installed.”

— Barry Hart, Cleansing Team, Sutton Council

Discounts and customisation available on bulk purchasing

Frequently Asked Questions

What is #NeatStreets?

Neat Streets is a campaign run by environmental charity Hubbub that aims to change people’s behaviours towards littering through fun new products and initiatives. Each Ballot Bin has the Neat Streets hashtag (#NeatStreets) etched into the metal pane across the front.

What are the timeframes for delivery?

Orders can expect to dispatch within 2-3 weeks. You will be notified when the product has been dispatched but the time frames for delivery may vary.

Please note: the estimated dispatch for custom orders may vary.

Where do you ship to?

The Ballot Bin ships worldwide. It costs £15 to ship to mainland UK. Other rates may vary, enter your address on the checkout page to get specific rates for your country. If your region does not appear on the dropdown list, please email: to get a customised quote.

What is included in my Ballot Bin order?
  • Ballot Bin ashtray
  • 200 magnetic letters (English alphabet)
  • Mount for pole (rail fixings can be ordered at an additional £17)
  • Dry-wipe marker pen
  • Key
  • Instruction leaflet & starter pack
Who makes the Ballot Bins?

The Ballot Bins have been designed and tested by the environmental charity Hubbub and the design studio Common Works. We are working with a trusted supplier Instrument to manufacture and distribute the Ballot Bins to locations around the world. Profits from your purchase will go back to the charity.

What can I fix the Ballot Bin to?

The ashtray comes with fixings to securely attach it to a pole. You can order additional fixings to mount to a rail for £17. It is possible to secure the bin to a wall using standard screws but these are not included with the product. Full instructions for all 3 fixing options are included with the Ballot Bin and can be downloaded here.

How do I empty the Ballot Bin of cigarettes?

The ashtray is emptied by unlocking the front door then lifting out the inner bin, whilst tilting it backwards. Instructions are here.

How many cigarettes fit in the bin?

Approximately 400 – 600 cigarettes butts can fit in the bin.

How do I write questions on the bin?

With the bin you receive 200 magnetic letters that will allow customisation of the questions, also provided is a dry-wipe marker. The question plate is behind glass and secured behind the locked door.

When choosing what questions to ask think about the local culture and interests. What is your target audience passionate about and what topics might they have a strong opinion on? Questions could link to sporting events, local issues, favourite foods, politics, and much more. Read more about the question that went viral on social media last year.

Does the Ballot Bin encourage smoking?

The Ballot Bin is an environmental solution to cigarette butt litter. It aims to reduce cigarette butts being thrown on the street and to also raise awareness about litter. The Ballot Bin is not designed to encourage smoking, its purpose is to encourage smokers to dispose of their cigarette butts in the correct way that is also good for the environment.

What are the dimensions of the bin?

The Bin is 55cm high, 35cm wide and 9cm thick and weighs 9.3 kilos.

Can I get the bin with custom colours or branding?

The standard Ballot Bin comes in 100% Pure Yellow. Other RAL colour and logo options are available on request for orders over 10. Please contact for a quote.

Can I recycle collected cigarette butts?

Yes! Send your cigarette waste to TerraCycle for free and they will recycle it and turn the material into something useful. Visit for more information.

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