Terms & Conditions

Product details

  1. The Ballot Bin was created in 2015 as a prototype trailed in Central London for the Neat Streets campaign. The prototype has been amended to make it scalable for batch production, so it will look slightly different to the original design.
  2. The new product is a power coated steel bin with clear toughened glass panels and a removable inner compartment for emptying.
  3. The ashtray design has been designed with the following considerations: weather, abuse, cleaning, prolonged use, emptying efficiency, graphics and branding.
  4. The ashtray has been created considering health and safety precautions. The steel with toughened glass panels have been chosen to reduce fire risk.
  5. Hubbub is not responsible for any formal product testing or compliance certification that may be required for a specific locality.

Ballot Bin product specifications

  • 400-600 cigarette butt capacity
  • The bin is made from steel
  • Powder coated, yellow finish (colour can be customised)
  • Coated to protect from weather
  • Resistant to wind and rain weather conditions
  • Suitable for outdoor use
  • Two keys are provided
  • Suitable for wall mounting, rail mounting, pole mounting (one fixing included with each unit)
  • Easy emptying
  • Product weight: 9.3 kg
  • Dimensions: 550 × 350 × 90 mm


  1. Orders will usually be dispatched within 2 weeks of payment. If you need your Ballot Bin sooner, get in touch with Hubbub.
  2. Manufacturing delays may sometimes occur resulting in unforeseen delays and Hubbub reserves the right to amend the delivery date without prior notice.
  3. Shipping is not included in the product cost and may be subject to change.
  4. Hubbub ships to most countries inside the EU and many countries outside of the EU, but we do not yet ship to every country in the world. Contact Hubbub to check if we ship to your country. Some may be liable to pay a customs clearance charge upon receiving the goods, Hubbub is not liable for this charge.


  1. Payment for the Ballot Bin is Hubbub’s charitable trading company, Hubbub Foundation Enterprise Limited.Registered Company number in England & Wales: 08910364VAT number: 234 6464 06
  2. Payment for the Ballot Bins is either on www.ballotbin.co.uk (EC countries only), or contact Hubbub for an invoice.
  3. Payment to the website will be processed immediately.
  4. Issue invoices are to be paid within 5 working days. Hubbub will only dispatch the Ballot Bin(s) once payment has been received.
  5. If you are based outside of the EC, contact Hubbub directly to complete your order.
  6. Hubbub reserves the right to amend the cost of the product for new orders at any stage.
  7. No partial payment will be accepted
  8. Online payment must be by credit card or debit card only. If you would prefer to pay via cheque email ballotbin@hubbub.org.uk.

Cancellation or Refund

  1. After confirmation of order, cancellation will not result in a refund


  1. Hubbub is an environmental charity using creative solutions to inspire change. We work together with businesses, government and directly with consumers. Once you have purchased a Ballot Bin, we will from time to time email you with news on our latest campaigns and new products.
  2. If you do not wish to hear from us, please ‘opt-out’ when you receive these communications and we will no longer contact you.